Add Asset Improvements

UI Improvement

We've made a number of improvements to make your life easier when adding assets.

Show All Fields

You can now expand the New Asset and Duplicate Asset dialogs to show all of your fields. The fields are dynamic, so they will update as you change categories to reflect the fields enabled for each category.

Show all fields


When you add multiple assets, either via Save and add another or using the Create Bulk Assets dialog, they will be identified by the system as a batch. Even better, the asset list will be filtered to only show those assets in the latest batch, letting you easily work your way through your newly-added assets.


Next / Previous

Finally, we've added Next and Previous links to asset and person detail views. In the spirit of software working like you expect, these respect the current filter applied to the list view. When combined with batching, this means you can quickly navigate through your newly-created batch!

Next / Previous

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