Asset Tag Designer Improvements

UI Improvement

Public Designer

Our public designer, available at, now supports a new Skip parameter. You can use this to tell the designer to skip the specified number of labels in the template.

Public asset tag designer

Public asset tag designer

This is useful if you want to print a small number of labels at a time and reduce waste by re-using label sheets.

For example, you can print a single label to replace a worn one, keep the sheet, then print another single label in the future by entering a Skip value of 1.

In-App Designer

Our in-app designer also supports the new Skip parameter.

Additionally, we’ve added the ability to fully customize your tags when using the in-app designer in New assets mode.

Where previously you could only select a category and generate tags using that category’s tag settings, now you can leave the category blank and setup your tags on the fly.

In-app asset tag designer

In-app asset tag designer

Happy tracking!

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