Dynamic Permalinks

New Feature

You can now create dynamic links to your assets and people.

What does that mean?

You can now link directly to your asset and people records using a value in one of their fields. A common example would be to use the value of an asset's tag field. For example, if your Assetbots database URL was https://app.assetbots.com/db_cl2qmwlr300024e306wafquly (this value can be found in Settings / Permissions), you could link directly to an asset with a tag value of IT-00042 using the following URL:


Why is that useful?

Our internal scanner has a super-power: it lets you rapidly scan multiple assets at once to add them to a check-in or checkout. You can also use it in a more basic fashion to search for assets by scanning. Until now, to use our internal scanner you needed to encode all of your tags (either as barcodes or QR codes) with only their tag ID value (or other identifying value like serial number).

This means that your default phone camera, when not logged into Assetbots, was unable to navigate to an Assetbots asset by scanning an asset tag. Well now it can!

  • Our internal scanner can now handle URLs like the one above, so feel free to encode full URLs into your QR code tags.
  • Your default phone camera can now link directly to an Assetbots asset, just like when you scan a menu code at a restaraunt.

Happy tracking!

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