Generate Asset Tags With 1D Barcodes

New Feature

Our asset tag designers now support generating traditional 1D barcodes for all our templates.

Customers have requested that we generate 1D barcodes so they can use our tag designer with their external barcode scanners, not all of which support 2D variants like QR codes.

We’re happy to support this update in our public designer as well as in-app.

To use the public designer, visit Select Edit Tags and switch Tag type to Barcode. Click Done and your preview will be updated with 1D barcodes.

Design barcode asset tags

To use the in-app designer, visit the Reports tab, then choose Asset Tags. Switch Tag type to Barcode and then select the assets you want to print tags for.

Design barcode asset tags in-app

We hope this update is helpful for your organization. If you have any questions, please chat with us in-app or email [email protected].

Happy tracking!

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