Rich Support for External Scanners

New Feature

Assetbots now has rich support for external USB barcode scanners built in. There are three main use-cases for scanning that are handled:

Scan a barcode while on any screen in Assetbots (if the Assetbots browser tab has focus) and you will be instantly taken to the matching asset’s detail view. Unlike in other apps, you do not have to focus on a text input for this to work.

Scan to search

2. Rapid Scan to Checkout

Start a new checkout and stay on step 1 of the checkout wizard (Choose Assets to Checkout). Make sure your cursor is not focused on the Find assets input, then start scanning. Each scan that locates an asset eligible for checkout will pulse the green success indicator and increment the count at the bottom of the screen.

Scan to checkout

When you are done scanning, click Next to complete the checkout as usual.

3. Rapid Scan to Check-In

This works exactly like checking out assets, but from the check-in wizard.

We’ve had many requests by customers asking to use their existing USB scanners rather than a camera for scanning, so we’re excited to make this feature available.

Happy tracking!

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