Scanner Improvements

UI Improvement

We have made a few updates to our built-in scanner that should drastically improve performance and usability in certain situations.

Switch Cameras

We have added a button that allows you to switch cameras if your device has more than one. This is especially useful when:

  • You are using a desktop or laptop and you want to choose a specific webcam
  • You are using a tablet as a kiosk, and it is easier to scan with the front-facing camera than the rear-facing camera


There is a new Viewfinder button that will toggle a viewfinder overlay on or off. This is more than just eye candy though: when enabled, the scanner will only search the area within the viewfinder window. We have noticed significant improvements in scan performance with the viewfinder enabled, especially for extremely small barcodes.

Light On Dark Support

Where applicable, our scanner will now automatically read codes that are printed with “inverted” colors – that is, white or light codes on black or dark backgrounds.

For example, tiny light-on-dark Data Matrix codes are commonly found on the bottom of electronics like Logitech MX-series mice and newer Dell laptops. These codes can now be scanned easily, especially with the Viewfinder enabled:

Scan inverted Data Matrix code

If you notice any difference with the scanner – positive or negative! – please let us know! We love to hear how we are doing and how we can improve.

As always, happy tracking!

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