Search Arbitrary Fields in the Omnibar

UI Improvement

We now support searching across every field from the omnibar (the search box at the top of every screen that says Search for anything). We also support our full search and filter syntax from here, where previously we only supported fuzzy text search.

Here are some pro-tips you can use when searching for things in Assetbots:

  • apple to fuzzy-search for “apple”. Use quotes to fuzzy-search for multiple words like “macbook pro”.
  • =LP-RX3B3GTO to search for exactly “LP-RX3B3GTO”. Use quotes for exact-search with multiple words like =”macbook pro”.
  • Search a specific field using its key with a colon (you can find a field’s key in the Edit Fields dialog). For example, to search the Serial Number field for “12345”, you could use serialNumber:12345 or serialNumber:=12345 for an exact search.
    ^mac to search for values that start with “mac”.
    pro$ to search for values that end with “pro”.
    • Separate terms with a pipe to combine with or rather than and. For example, to search for “broken or lost”, use =broken | =lost.

We hope this update makes finding records in Assetbots even easier. Happy tracking!

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